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Saklikent Floating Restaurant

The Saklıkent Gorge, a spectacular canyon cut into slopes of the Akdağlar Mountains in Turkey's Muğla province, 50 km from Fethiye, is certainly the most dramatic geological formation in the Xanthos valley. The canyon is 18 km long and so steep and narrow that the sun doesn't penetrate, making the water icy cold. Saklı kent actually means hidden city. In the rocks, which rise to height of 600 meters, a total of 16 caves have been discovered which have been used by prehistoric man.

At the mouth of the gorge, there is a wooden boardwalk above the river. Restaurants built on wooden platforms suspended above the cascades offer freshwater trout. The whole setting at Saklıkent after a complete day of sightseeing in the burning sun, is indeed the pleasure of a lifetime.

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