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Kaş: photo of the bay with the Greek island of Kastellorizo

Kaş is beautifully situated in a curving bay underneath the 500 meters high cliffs of the Yatan Adam (Sleeping Man) mountain from which there is a startling view on the bay and the Greek island of Kastellorizo (Meis in Turkish) opposite. Until 1923 Kaş was also populated by Greek fishermen and was known as Andifli. It was a sleepy fishing village until the early 1980's. Present-day Kaş is one of the fastest expanding towns in the field of tourism on the Turquoise Coast and has become a stylish holiday resort with some of the best shops and restaurants on the Mediterranean. The small town is a center for arts and crafts, jewellery and textiles. There are plenty of excellent restaurants, bars and cafes.

On the site of present-day Kaş there was the town of Antiphellos, the harbor of ancient Phellos. The original name of the town was Habesos or Habesa in the ancient Lycian tongue. Antiphellos grew in size and became important in Hellenistic times and by the Roman era, it was the most important city in the region. Today, only a few scattered remains of Antiphellos are left. The most interesting is definitely the Lion Tomb amidst the carpet shops on Uzun Çarşı Caddesi. It is a Lycian sarcophagus with two burial chambers. Another important archeoloogical remain, just outside of town, is the almost intact Hellenistic theatre with 26 rows of seats that could hold up to 4,000 people. The tribunes and outer walls are still visible today, while no trace of the skene remains.

Here are the photos of Kaş, click on the thumbnails to see greater pictures

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