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Izmir's Kemeraltı Bazaar

Izmir's Kemeralti bazaar is, after Istanbul's Covered Bazaar, the second largest of Turkey and is large enough to include several city districts. The Kemeraltı Bazaar is located south of the busy Fevzi Paşa Bulvarı that connects the Basmane railway station to the waterfront at Konak Meydani.

In contrast to other Turkish bazaars, the Kemeralti bazaar has little to offer of architectural interest and certainly is not as exotic as many other bazaars. However, this is largely compensated by the bazaar's lively atmosphere, with its maze of crowded narrow streets and colorful scenery. It is a great place to spend a couple of hours wandering around and do some shopping. The lively atmosphere also recalls the times before the Greek-Turkish war when Izmir was a fascinating multi-ethnic community, a mixture made of the best of Greek, Turkish, Levantine, Armenian, and Jewish cultures.

More info on Izmir itself is available on its main page

Here are the photos of Izmir's Kemeraltı Bazaar & Fevzi Paşa Bulvarı, click on the thumbnails to see greater pictures

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