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Photo albums of Hattusa: Nationa Park - Lower City

The Hattusa National Park is not only a place of great archeological and historical value but its surroundings are of great natural beauty offering breathtaking views.. The Lower City of Hattusa is dominated by a large artificial platform upon which the Great Temple (Temple I), or Büyük Mabed once stood. The Great Temple is the largest building in Hattusa. The temple complex measures 65 x 42 m and dates back to the 14th-13th century BC. The temple complex covers an area of approximately 14,500 m2 and is thought to have been dedicated to the Weather God of Hatti and the Sun Goddess of Arinna. Large monolithic doorsills mark the position of the doorways between the storage rooms of the Great Temple. On the ground floor only, there were 82 rooms surrounding the temple. Since most of these storage facilities were two or three-storied, it is estimated that there was a total of about 200 storerooms. During the excavations of the storerooms hundreds of huge pottery vessels were found. Inside the great temple there is also a block of green nephrite-type stone, carefully carved, thought to have had a religious meaning. Some people claim it originates from Egypt, others that it is a meteorite. However, according to Seeber, this type of stone is not uncommon in the geology of the region. The Lion Basin was originally 5.5 m long and carved from a single block of limestone. Unfortunately, Byzantine or Roman stonemasons have cut the block into pieces and hauled some of them away.

The Lion Gate was one of the two grand entrances in the southern curve of the city wall of Hattusha. The gate is named after the two sculptured lions that were cut out of the exterior of the huge blocks lining the passageway. Lions were popular figures of protectionv throughout the Near East. Two rectangular towers flanked the entranceway between the exterior and interior portals. Both portals were fitted with pairs of heavy wooden doors.

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